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About the Creator

Welcome! My name is Alyssa Atzenbeck and I’m the owner of Cake Me Away. One of the best parts of my job is connecting with my customers! I want you to feel comfortable with how we approach our business and serving our customers and hope that sharing a bit about me and my journey will be helpful.

My Story

I’ve always loved baking and began decorating cakes in 2012, experimenting and learning on my own. My dream of making it more than a hobby came during my time as a college student at Western Colorado University here in the beautiful Gunnison Valley. 

While earning my bachelor’s degree from Western, an assignment ignited a spark and awakened my entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the formation of Cake Me Away, LLC, founded in 2015. I decided on the name, “Cake Me Away” to convey my passion to provide the Gunnison and Crested Butte communities with captivating, delicious cakes and desserts unique to the area. In 2016, I earned a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Entrepreneurship.

In 2020, I spent some time investing in my business through furthering my knowledge of baking and earned a diploma in Pastry Arts from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado and then returned to Gunni to work at my business full-time, which has been both a joy and a challenge. 

Though Cake Me Away started out offering primarily just cakes, it has been fun to broaden our offerings to include other decadent and also more classic desserts. Currently, Cake Me Away, is experiencing an exciting season of growth and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you, helping make your special moments (big and small) extra special and delicious! 

It is an honor to serve you!
Alyssa Atzenbeck (and Team)
Owner and Creator

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Our Values


We believe in honesty in doing the right thing. Building and maintaining trust with all those we do business with is important to us. We strive to be the change in the world that we would like to see.

Quality & Hardwork

We greatly appreciate your business and are committed to working hard to provide each customer with quality desserts to make your special occasions extra special and delicious!

Icing Cake

Creativity & Uniqueness

We very much enjoy partnering with our customers to create cakes and desserts that will delight those they were created for.  We are always experimenting, learning and growing in our craft.

Excellent Customer Service

We are extremely grateful for our customers and do our best to assure that each customer is satisfied and has a great experience with us! We strive to be both professional and down-to-earth, creating a good rapport with our customers.

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