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Design Your Cake

In order to help create a good experience for you, we have developed a three step guide to walk you though the design process. We encourage you to go step-by-step before you reach out to us to order.

Image by Markus Winkler

Step 1:  Understand the Details

Is your cake for a small or large group or somewhere in between? Do you prefer one cake or individual treats? Every occasion is different so take a minute to think through the sizes and servings.

Cake Frosting

Step 2:  Flavors, Fillings & Frosting 

Now chose the unique & scrumptious combination  for your special cake:

Flavors: The flavor of the batter

Fillings: The goodness between layers

Frostings: The sweet, outer coating

Step 3 graphic-CMA.png

Step 3:  Choose the Design & Look

Now close your eyes and envision our creation at your celebration or event. Is it simple, elegant, fun, unique... maybe a custom truck or favorite animal?

We can help make your dream a reality.

Sizes & Servings

Step 1: Understand the Details

 Party Cakes - Sizes & Servings

Cakes can come in all different shapes and sizes. We love getting creative and can provide different-shaped tiers as well! If you’re interested in a more unique shaped-cake, let’s talk…Our goal is to help you understand your options so you have just the right amount of cake for your special occasion.

Round Party Cakes
Approx. Servings*
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
12 inch
14 inch

*Based on 2x2 inch slices.
Round cake tiers are approximately
5 inches tall.

Rectangular Party Cakes
Approx. Servings*
1/4 sheet cake (9x13 in.)
1/2 sheet cake (12x18 in.)
Full sheet cake (16x24 in.)

*Based on 2x2 inch slices.
Rectangular cakes are approximately
2 ½ inches tall.

Step 2: Flavors, Fillings & Frostings

Now chose the unique, scrumptious combination for your special cake!

Flavors:  The flavor of the batter

Fillings:  The goodness between layers

Frostings:  The sweet, outer coating

Step 3: Choose the Design & Look

Now comes the fun part - for you and for us! Let's design the cake that you envision together.


We love partnering with our customers to create memorable cakes that delight and help celebrate your special person or occasion!

Check out our gallery for some inspiration or upload a picture of the cake design you have in mind. (See Contact Us page).

Final price of your customized cake is based on the cake’s unique shape and design, level of difficulty and time to create, as well as its ingredients. Please contact us for pricing.


Now you are ready to order!

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