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Apply for a Sweet Job Today!

Eight years ago, Cake Me Away was born when a business class assignment at Western sparked an entrepreneurial passion in owner Alyssa Atzenbeck. After lots of experimenting, lessons learned, diligence and perseverance, we’re finally able to EXPAND into our own storefront on Main Street in Gunnison, and we’re looking for some great people to join in the adventure!


While we’re not a new business, our expansion into a storefront of our own IS uncharted territory… likely involving ups, downs, and all-arounds, but we know it will be a worthwhile adventure all the same! We are excited to provide our community with easy access to not only unique and delicious cakes, but to fresh-baked pastries and other scrumptious desserts, and a fun place to gather and enjoy them as well!


Some details we know now, others we’re going to have to see how things play out and figure-it-out-as-we-go. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if a position at Cake Me Away is a good fit for you:


  • You enjoy and have the ability to embrace the unknown and be flexible on the job

  • You possess the willingness to roll-up your sleeves, work as a team, and do what needs to be done to fulfill our mission of bringing a great product to our community served with friendly and awesome customer service

  • You enjoy a light-hearted, energetic, fun atmosphere, and are willing to work diligently and take the responsibility of fulfilling your role in our team seriously

  • You are a person of integrity; honest, conscientious, reliable and responsible

  • You are someone who is open-minded and has a positive, can-do attitude

  • You are willing to learn and grow through instruction, your experiences, and interactions with others

We look forward to building a team to help write this exciting, new chapter of Cake Me Away’s life and mission of serving the Gunnison Valley, making it an even sweeter, more hospitable place to live and visit! 


Click here for more info on the sweet opportunities available, and to apply:

Customer Service 

Do you like interacting with people?

Baking & Production

Do you like creating delicious treats like we do?

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